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    The Jagdterrier
    "Deutsche Jagdterrier, German Hunting Terrier, yagdterier,
    Regulations for the podzemnitsi


    Rules of procedure of podzemnitsi provides the following working exams:
    - Examination of the innate qualities
    - A comprehensive examination
    - Specialized exam for work under the earth
    - Specialized exam for work with wild boar
    - Comprehensive and specialized exams dogs can conquer applications; SASIT,
    R.CACIT, CACT, R.CACT, , ( R. CACIT, CACT, R. CACT, national champion, Urban Champion
    (depending on rank. race).


    Examination of the innate qualities can make all dogs above the age of nine months evaluated positively without serious defects and disqualification of the exterior. Exam innate qualities is a condition of participation in a comprehensive examination and a specialized examination working with wild boar. To participate in the competition for the specialized work below ground examination of the innate qualities is not a condition but without an examination the dog can not be competing for a single title without regard to how many points and who won a class prize. Working examinations and exhibitions can not participate sick, blind, deaf dogs, women who are horny or have advanced pregnancy. In the event that more dogs get the same number of points in the classification given - advantage of young and female dogs, but only after the dogs, which are better evaluated exterior.


    Organizers of the exams races can be Kennel clubs and hunting companies organizations received the approval of those responsible for sport in the National Germanic hunting club Terrier. Organizer appointed head of the exam the race, which is responsible for provide judges making decisions, sufficient ammunition, protocols and Evaluation sheets, hunted game, blood, alive, healthy, vaccinated killer game foxes and badgers, live wild ducks and other details. For extraction of course dead game artificial hole can be used fox, badger and wild cat. examination of congenital quality and specialized tests may be assessed by at least two, and round competition from at least three judges.


    The organizer and leader of the race are required to provide all conditions for smooth work of judges. The organizer shall appoint a committee of complaints which consists of three members, one of the judges, one neutral and one from the audience of athletes. Appeals must be submitted upon completion of judges work exclusively in written form to the head of the race . Complaints may be filed only against a negative assessment. The order of participation of dogs in the race is determined by lot. Responsible for Sport may prohibit the conduct of examinations and competitions for those organizers who do not meet the relevant conditions regulated artificial hole, the land and enough game on the ground.


    Judges have the right to interrupt the race, if they consider that there are adequate conditions work. May also require the organizer to remove any individuals who impede work of judges, drivers and dogs. Judges are obliged to publicly justify any its assessment and to warn and if necessary to exclude from any race driver who with his behavior prevents judges rabota.Pri test for malice obviously there is relief of the fox, the judges may require interruption of work and separation even when the driver is told to grip. Judges are obliged to prevent any physical torture of dogs and unfair attitude towards the game of the driver.


    Drivers are required to comply with the judges decisions. Each driver is responsible for its dog and bear full responsibility for the damage it inflicted during the race. Driver person has the right to verify the reliability of Nora and wildlife, and to require observers to the judges are far enough and should not interfere with the dog. When working a dog in the artificial hole driver is obliged to report in time for the implemented relief to avoid unnecessary damage to wildlife. Any physical abuse of dog or game from the driver, after judging a warning shall be punished by exclusion from further participation in the race.


    1. - Artificial hole to retrieve the dead game must be of length at least 4( 5). 4 meters (it is desirable to 5 meters). , The hole should be concreting over the land covered with wood lids, and the rear side must be closed with a plate, with a small hole in the middle of
    withdrawal of the string, which tied the game. 20. The hole should be high 20cm. 18. and 18 centimeters. wide, with a slight slope down towards the end of the entrance hole to retrieve her must be remote - 50 . . at least 50 meters from the hole to work underground.

    2. - 1,50 Artificial hole for a job must be surrounded by a fence, tall at least 1,50 meter as the distance from the fence to the outer strip of the hole should be at least 2 m. The entrance of the hole must be specially fenced (fence with 2 x 2 m). The artificial hole. . must be at least 30 meters long. It should have a length and three dives ascents and narrowing a width 16, height 18 and length 50 cm, and an extension of height 20, width 35 and length 55 centimeters. In all other parts of the height of the artificial hole should be 20, and 18 cm width of the hole should have one boiler 45 x 45 centimeters and three pot 60 x 60 centimeters and the four boilers are 20 cm in height artificial hole must be plank and dark.

    Test Qualities of Congenital:

    Work In Artificial Dupka
    Subjects: a search of the hole, to rapacious malice game endurance in the hole, a voice in hole (Nora).

    Search of Nora
    At the beginning of work the dog can be promoted until you find the game. Throughout During the work the driver must stand at the beginning of Nora and can not leave this place only by order of judges. And better trained dog should not accept a search of Nora unused. , Fox and badger should be introduced in the crib so as to pass on Nora from all entrances to the edge, and get acquainted with the possibilities for a suitable loan for defensive position in front of their dog. The dog must make searching for Nora time of 2 minutes each exit from its assessment lowered by 1 point (search without exiting: Assessment 4, the same trip: evaluation report 3, two exits: assessment 2). If your dog leaves three times Nora or not to return it in due time, be disqualified.

    Voice in Nora
    The opening of the game in Nora dog barking continuously communicate with the front grille to boiler which zashibaren game. Must be fed different voice without a game before entry or upon entry into the true voice of Nora before the game. growl and whimper not be evaluated positively.

    Assessment 4: - continuous, persistent and clear voice to the game.
    Rating 3: - barking dog in pausing longer than 10 seconds.
    Assessment 2: - the dog must make at least five yelp before the game.
    Time for testing Nora votes in at least 2 minutes if the dog barked at any time.
    before the game is subject to disqualification.

    Despite At Predators
    Tested after the lifting of the grate of the predator and the issuance of chance within ten seconds to take himself in Nora position which is convenient to meet the dog attack (direct contact). 10 , After 10 seconds the grid is raised to the dog, and detects the operating time test of malice, which is 2 minutes. The time during which dog should keep in predator capture is 10 seconds, which vibrate at the time of declaration of "relief" by the player.
    1. - Fox - 4 + 1 (below neck and neck strain relief in the heart)
    - 4.5 (above all by grabbing but slightly wrong than right)
    - 4 (a tooth for a tooth, head, cheek and ear full relief)
    - 3.5 (shoulder, chest and abdomen to the hind legs)
    - 3 (leg, back, and a constant struggle)
    - 2.75 (end of the paw, the tip of the ear and tail)
    - 2.5 (no grip and barking at a distance to 1m.)

    2.Yazovets - 4 +1 (neck, occiput, heart and nose)
    - 4.5 (all holders as mentioned before, but slightly incorrect compared with the right)
    - 4 (a tooth for a tooth, head and shoulder)
    - 3.5 (back and abdomen to the hind legs)
    - 3 (ham and a constant struggle) * test of malice of Badger: Dog, who at the time of badger holding pause of up to 5 seconds, then re-do grip and be in the grip gets ambivalent assessment of this grip, but reduced by half point. 1 – 2 Breather with 1 - 2 seconds during which the dog or repair grip changes are not taken into account.
    ** 3 for constant assessment control gets the dog that holds badger in 45 seconds and strain relief be ambivalent, without relief, or a dog which at the time of holding one or make a badger more breaks longer than 5 seconds and is ambivalent to any relief.
    - 2.75 (paw and tail)
    - 2.5 (no grip and barking at a distance 1m,)
    ,A dog that in lifting the lid is greater than 1 meters distance from the predator, subject to disqualification.

    Endurance in Nora
    In all hunting dogs stamina is a quality that ensures success in hunting.
    Endurance podzemnitsite evaluate simultaneously with the voice in reshetkata.Tya tested by when the dog found her in the game ie . before reaching the grid.
    Assessment: 4 (continuous efforts to achieve relief, to keep the predator or) expelled from Nora)
    Any departure of Nora after finding the game reduces the assessment by one point. Dog, which Nora leaves three times or not to return to her job at the right time, disqualified.

    Work in the field

    How does your dog use his nose to examine the trace of a healthy, adult rabbits in the high field with good visibility. In assessing the nose is necessary to assess how your dog uses more or less favorable wind, how it captures and tracks and how to deal with curves. A good nose is a condition for long enough track, striving for the development of bloody track and search freely in vodata.Tryabva to be taken into account the conditions that exist the pitch (high winds, high humidity of the soil cover, set-time), so we can do assessed objectively. In the plowed surface must have different criteria than
    pazbishte or new grain, since on the surface of plowed very good working dogs less or completely collapse. The dog is evaluated on the trail of a rabbit has not been seen. As auxiliary means for testing the dog's nose can be used to monitor and pheasants or partridges. The nose can be tested and especially barking dogs (vidoglasnost). This exam should be given particular attention, because the assessment of work in the field Exam innate qualities as a result is used in a comprehensive exam. Assessment: Assessment from 4 to 2, depending on the difficulty of the terrain and the quality of the nose.
    Rating 1 - disqualification.

    Security Following
    It is estimated the work on the trail of a rabbit in the box, only there because we certainly can appreciate ability to trace the tracks of rabbit unsighted. Security is determined by this whether and how quickly and safely should the dog tracks. Security takes precedence over speed. A dog that pursued slowly, it is always safer to trace than too ast dog. Nose and security in the following are most interdependent categories. Assessment: From 4 to 1 depending on terrain and security trail.

    Resistance On This
    Includes stubbornly pursuing a rabbit trail. Continued efforts to find lost track, speak in a high endurance trail. Calm dog is not giving up on the first turn (obstacle), and with great patience the problem and work is continuing. Long Tracking tracks and later return to the driver should not adversely affect assessment of obedience.
    Assessment: From 4 to 1 depending on the terrain.
    Rating 0 means disqualification.

    Filing Out Loud At Work On The Following
    To assess how the dog made a voice at work on tracks (sledoglasnost) is used rabbit tracks in the field, and the dog is placed on the track only when the rabbit is out of sight him. Be able to run only one dog, which judges are appointed. What works better dog lodging franchise for tracking hare, who, before being placed on the tracks is not seen. Dogs, who lodge a vote only when seeing so-called rabbit. (Vidoglasni) must pre-register with the judges, to be tested in the case of vidoglasnostta need. , Putting the dog next to the rabbit lair is impractical, because so the dog loses precious time. - 20-30 It is better to take on the tracks of 20-30 meters from the nest, but the driver is allowed to mislead the strap on dog after the first 30 meters. Of each dog as appropriate to propose two rabbit traces. Young rabbits unsuitable for assessing the submission out loud at work on the trail. Vidoglasnostta which passes into submission out loud at work on the trail, can be estimated at most 2 for filing out loud at work on the trail. If the fluctuation is taken into account vidoglasnostta. 2 (1 ) Dog with 2 or more assessment work gets sign (1 chertitsa) for submitting voice at work on track. 4 , After twice received sledoglasnost 4 for the evaluation of different examinations, the dog gets double time mark (2 chertitsi). If your dog has received the said double-time mark for submitting the following out loud, this assessment is recorded and to further competitions and is entered in parentheses. “” ( ) Dogs "chatterbox" (no clue who bark) are not desirable for Breeding and receive a ban on breeding.
    Assessment: 4h - very long and good standing voting tracking tracks, but Judge it must substantiated in writing.
    4 - filing out loud even at a distance of at least 400 meters.
    3,5 - filing out loud at a distance of 300 - 400 meters.
    3 - filing out loud at a distance 100-300m.
    2 - filing out loud with frequent breaks 50-100 meters

    Dogs not registered by filing a voice at work on the trail (sledoglasni) should be tested for vidoglasnost. This also applies to work in the rabbit trail field. To determine the use of the nose should be tested and vidoglasnite rabbit dogs trace. () Dogs that are registered (sledoglasni) and after two rabbits who are not traces show submission out loud at work the following can not be tested as vidoglasni.
    Assessment: 4 - even vidoglasno barking distance of 300m.
    3 - vidoglasno barking of 100 - 300 meters
    2 - vidoglasno barking from 50 - 100m

    Penchant for Jobs In Water
    Innate tendency to evaluate the dog for work in the water. Suitable are stagnant or extensive flowing water with a convenient location for the entry. The dog began to swim and should not have to brings. . Water dog training must be strictly distinguished from the tendency to work in the water.
    Assessment: 4h - joyful entry into the water as a sign or command, and many free swimming greater willingness to work in the water;
    4 - at least twice the entry into the water and swimming a short distance;
    3 - after swimming or other cast stone sinking objects;
    2 - Entry into the water and swimming after throwing a dead tree or a game;
    Dog, which began to swim does not want to be subject to disqualification.

    Vodimost - Obedience
    It occurs in total obedience and dog behavior throughout the test. Carefully should be monitored carefully if the dog hears the orders of the driver or is it from fear. Greater attention should be given to dogs who do not manage their drivers, respectively, of their leaders. Timid dogs are those who are not in the hands of drivers not allow them to tie, ie dogs that do not manage their drivers. In testing innate qualities of the longer nepoyavyavane the dog, which is very durable in demand should not affect his evaluation of vodimost. Missed or poorly otrenirani disciplines which can make up, do not take mean if you do not question overall outcome of the exam. 4 1. Ratings of 4 to 1.

    Behavior In Gunshot
    Checks at the beginning of the exam and is designed to eliminate the process of farming all timid dogs in the shot. , Dogs are a thong and some distance to move in a circle whereby at least 30 m are given two shots with a rifle ball. , Dogs which seem frightened or want to move away from the owner must be tested separately, free (no connection). , If your dog flee with the other experience, so afraid of shot. Dog, which connects with hunting and shooting, or shake razlae shall receive the same evaluation, and what remained completely calm. 4 Dogs are evaluated with 4 or assessments 0.
    Assessment: 4 - calm, do not be scared of a shot.
    0 shy when shot

    Comprehensive Race

    In round contest open to all dogs regardless of age, if appreciated and have the exterior of an examination of innate qualities. The number of dogs, which can be assessed in a competition round is determined by Meat conditions.

    Work In Artificial Dupka
    Subjects: a search for Nora, Nora, in a voice; malice towards predators; endurance in Nora (method of valuation is the same as the test for inborn qualities).

    Getting dead game Artificial Dupka
    At the end of the artificial hole is dead predator (fox, badger, wild cat) head facing dog. , Nora the extraction of the driver can use its own predator, if is the same type and size as the one used in the race. The driver can choose the dog will retrieve predator free or bound in long strap. Dog, which makes extraction of a strap tied, can compete for third place the order. The driver of dog can encourage it, but too noisy command and use of force may influence the reduction of assessment. Use of tightening (dushach), prickly and similar collars are not allowed!

    Rating 4 dogs received if the allotted time (2 min) derived predator so that the driver can reach it by hand. Any dog without leaving the game reduces assessment with one point (one exit - evaluation report 3, two exits - Assessment 2, three exits - Assessment 1). If the dog leaves and Nora for the fourth time or do not return to her job at the scheduled time subject to disqualification. Performance evaluation of belt: responsible assessment of assessments under free extract, but multiplied by a smaller factor.
    During the extraction of all observers must move away from such a Nora distance, as required judges.

    Work in the field
    Assessed on both innate qualities of the exam or assessment record, which is achieved at it.

    Search Bush
    The dog is sent to search in a well overgrown terrain (corn, cane, thick pine forest) from the driver's seat with a quiet movement or arrest. The driver remains in place and always can test only one dog. , Search is done on land that is large enough allows the game to hide so that the dog should detail frisked him. Hairy game should be zalayan in order to disclose its finding. Striving in other areas is not desirable. At the request of any dog, if possible should be offered more nepretarsena area. , In due time the dog should go back to their leader, so that not prejudice the further study of the search. The dog is assessed throughout the search field at the opening of the game. The dog should not is being called back to whistle.

    Work on Blood Trace
    Tested on a belt, long at least 6 meters, with a special collar kravosleden. The test is done on track, 400 meters long, with two bend, whose insertion is used ¼ l blood game. Trace is placed in the forest and its top can be located up to 100 m outside the forest. Replace Badge is denoted by more blood or green branches. At the end of the trail is placed copy of the dead game (deer wild boar). , The game should be well sewn, if Its entrails are removed. ( The dog must find game with a clean work (without help from. driver). Security at the track, the nose, calm and precise work are the basis of evaluation.A dog that comes to the game with three returns to the track receives the smallest Assessment 1. 50 Track during the first 50 meters, should go in the same direction. Adjacent traces should be distant from one another at least 150 m. Each track must have At least two corners in the obtuse angle, which means a slightly greater amount of blood. (. Marking of the trail may be unnoticed on the reverse side of trees (eg . with toilet paper). - 2 , Bloody trail should not be more fresh than 2 hours, nor remained more than 8 hours. . Putting track is done by the judge. During the work on bloody trail driver can Pulling your dog and place it back on the track or to correct, but this leads to a reduction of assessment. By judges driver can be corrected by the bloody tracks more than three-fold.

    Oblayvashto And Dead Game Dog Show
    Tested on the same track as soon as the work of the belt, where is the bloody trail continues to 550 m. After 400 meters working dog strap otvarzva to work further to the game still only 150 meters. In this section of the trail is only way to evaluate or oblayvane show whether the dog is found in the game bloody trail or accidentally. - . The dog may be returned to the track at most twice. Oblayvashtite and showing dogs 3 and 4 assessment as a mark of achievement to get working sign (for chertitsa oblayvane and display). The driver remained at the release of the dog and displayed only when the dog has returned oblayvashtoto dog or ten minutes is oblayvane completed their work, may follow his dog after authorization by the judge. Displayed oblayvashto or dog who found the game, but showed no oblayva or brought to the game Apportionment of the collar (Brinza) can not make this discipline. Oblayvashtite and showing Dogs must be registered as such before the exam.

    To Conduct Game
    After successfully working with a dog strap (oblayvashtoto and display and which are not reached game) should be placed to the game. The driver and the judge should be removed and to observed behavior of the dog.Ratings are not called, but the apparent break in the game lead to disqualification. Grip on the game by the throat is not considered an error.

    Carry of small game
    The exam takes place outdoors or in high forest. Tested is brought to feathered and hairy game.
    - On track with the tow of game birds, 150 m long
    - Traces of tow hair game, 200 meters long
    Traces of tow for each dog be put off by the judge at least one of the 100 meters another. The game for all dogs must be of the same type and approximately the same weight, the dog should not be seen placing the trail. At the invitation of the judge driver 20 put in place of the dog "hit" where the driver is allowed to the first 20 meters work with a dog strap. The dog can be placed on the trail of the tow at most three times.
    Estimated uptake, bringing the game and handing the driver. Dogs tear he buried the game or be subject to disqualification. The driver is allowed to bring with corresponding game itself, which must be of the same type as the one used the race. A copy of this game (rabbit, partridge, pigeon, pheasant, duck, etc.)
    drags by in turn make two obtuse angle against the wind if possible. At the end is placed one copy of the same type of game. , After the trail, must be sledopolagachat away and to stand so that the dog may not notice him. When setting the trace by dragging the game, which marks the trace of the tow is tied with string for bar, long
    1.50 meters and sledopolagachat dragged him along with their tracks. After opening the game dog should bring it to the driver alone.
    Assessment: 4 - without properly bringing release and transfer seating with the driver;
    3 - one release or broadcast of the game in the hands of the driver without a seat.
    2 - two releases or a release of transmission without seating.
    Three releases, two releases incorrectly transmission tearing, burial, and nedonasyane the game leads to disqualification.
    Run the command "Lie down" and leave with a shot
    Each dog is tested individually, but the driver decides whether the dog will be tested free or tied. . The dog takes the place of reason test. Then otvarzva and places to sit or lie down, and in this position leave to remain in place. The driver must be away beyond the sight of the dog, then give two shots. To return your guide dog must not leave his seat. , If your dog is tested free around it can be left backpack, belt, garment, etc., but thong must be removed from
    dog. Assessment: 4 - throughout the dog remains to lie or sit in the place where left;
    3 - the dog is, standing on four legs, but remains in its place;
    2 - the dog is, is away most of 5 meters, but remained there until the return of the driver dog izskimtyava izlayva or short, but remains in place.
    Disqualification - dogs leave their place or bark.

    Leaving the ground with a Tie
    Dog with a long strap tied to a tree.
    Assessment: 4 - dog lying or sitting, as if free and remains in place.
    3 - the dog is;
    2 - the dog is trying to go, the dog stays in place, but izskimtyava or izlayva briefly.
    Disqualification - the dog is barking and pulling.

    Vodimost the strap
    Be tested in motion through a dense forest. The dog should not preclude in any way driver must pass along the trees of the same country, which he and the driver, and
    thus avoiding entangling the strap around the trunks of trees or bushes.

    Freedom going to the leg Driver
    Untied and without a voice command the dog must go to the driver's legs. In this guide
    must stop at least once a dog has to follow.

    Vodimost And Total obedience
    The dog is not specifically tested for obedience, it is observed by the judges at all
    disciplines, such as the requirement is a dog with a desire to work following the driver.

    Search of the overgrown plot WATER (NO ducks)
    Good and loving dog needs water to search overgrown terrain and water, even without the presence of the game. . Each dog is tested without a duck in water covered with reeds or cane.
    Assessment: 4 - joyful entry into the water at the first command, and sufficiently broad searches of kamasha (reeds) with a little help with signs of driver; 3 - partial searches of kamasha managed and heavily promoted by the driver. May be starting the search two to three times, 2 - partial searches with strong encouragement by throwing the object into the water and multiple exit from the water (three times).
    Disqualification - inadequate searches. The dog refuses to enter the water and do not wish to began to swim. Water should be sufficiently broad and covered with aquatic plants. Must be sufficiently deep so that the dog needs to swim and wide to the dog away from the coast. Working conditions should be laid before the race. Search of the overgrown plot Water (With Ducks) Duck is placed in reeds near water without an indication of "hit". Dog must sees this training. , After placing the Duck judges to keep the driver point distant shot of the ball from the point of putting his ducks and show direction. The driver ordered the dog to start searching. The dog must seek and find Duck alone.The driver can keep the dog in its work with the characters, or commands throwing stones. . Continuous assistance from the driver reduces the assessment. Once the dog Duck expelled from her hiding place and apparently chasing it, it can be shot by order of judge, if safety conditions permit. The dog must bring own duck shot. Judges may suspend the operation of the dog when they consider that the actions of dog meet the stated requirements.
    Test in this discipline are used teals with clipped wings.
    Assessment: 4 - secure search and discovery of a duck. , The dog may be maintained when duck dive or when the judges approve.
    3 - not so safe search and find a duck, accompanied by more guidance and throwing stones. . With the consent of the judges and shooting.
    2 - the dog must show interest in the search for a duck. Searching with and without a duck can be estimated with 4h only in exceptional cases a magnificent job of the dog. Required this evaluation report, and further justification by the judges.

    Carry-deep water
    Dogs that search for a duck unable to bring it shall be tested extra for bringing a dead duck from the deep water. Duck killed and thrown away if a dog entered the water and strike out, by order of the judge is given a shot in the direction to duck. If your dog leaves the water after the shots and if he no longer return to it in arrest of the driver, it is disqualified. Assessment: 4 - without the dog brings the duck drop, sit down and correct it to the driver;
    3 - leave the dog duck brought to shore to shake out or forward it correctly;
    2 - the dog several times leaving her the duck and brought only after strong pressure from the driver;
    1 - the dog has a problem with the duck to swim at all. Nedonasyaneto, tearing and plucking a duck leads to disqualification. In all cases apply the rule that the dog should not reproach depending on if the conditions can not Duck expelled from her asylum it receives new or duck, or is taken to evaluate to the resilience and the desire to find a duck. , Exiting the water, the refusal of search or running off after shooting the dog from further competition. Duck possibly should be hunted to the dog, as the chief judge ordered this. , , If you catch your dog in top awkward duck head, wing or leg, and the shore good grip without shake, bring it and forward it correctly, its assessment should not reduced. ( The same applies where the dog duck her up in the land (so it swallowed better) or shake while keep the duck in its mouth.

    Special Race For Work In The Land

    The race can participate in all appreciated outdoor dogs, but the title may be awarded only affixed with a dog examination of innate qualities.
    ( - Execution of the command "lie down" to remain in place and shot (both tested in Comprehensive race)
    Extraction of a dead predator Nora (assessed as in a competition round) Working Nora (search toughness, voice malice). Nora is at work assessed as well as the Comprehensive race, with the difference that the dog is required for began to take 20 seconds fox, badger and 1 minute.

    Special Race For Handling wild boar
    The competition open to all appreciated exterior of dogs laid examination of innate qualities.
    - Searches
    - Resistance
    - Malice
    - Voice
    Working with wild boar tested in enclosure (polygon) area than 100m x 100m, to 100m away
    200. 200m. , The terrain must be densely overgrown with vegetation, which corresponds to the natural habitat for wild boar, with at least one pool and raised hunting jackals (vishka). Vishkata should be able to accommodate at least five people and offers good visibility in all facility to enable judges to ensure continuous operation of the dog. In addition, judges and driver in the polygon can be found only aides to separate the dogs in relief, determined by the race organizer.

    Search time was 7.5 minutes, and the total operating time of the dog is 15 minutes. Any return the dog to the driver at the time of the search reduces the assessment by one point. Estimates are from 4 to 1. Nenamiraneto or fourth return of the pig in the time lead to disqualification.

    Estimated from the time when the dog found the pig during the work with the dog pig. Any return the dog or the driver leaving the pig reduced the assessment by one point. Estimates are from 4 to 1. To calm dog believe what hard and constantly attacking wild boar, trying to bite him, move it from its place or stop it in its flight.

    Despite To Wild Pig
    Malice (nastarvenostta) the dog to the wild boar must be a bold attack Wild boar, accompanied by a shrill barking quality, in addition to biting experience for relocation of the wild boar from his place, by biting attempts to stop the pig at his escape.
    Ratings: 4 - the dog must catch the pig

    barking at a distance up to 1 - 2 meters
    barking from up to 3 meters
    barking from up to 5 meters

    A dog that barks at a distance greater than 5 meters, leaving the pig or not to return to it at the scheduled work time shall be subject to disqualification.

    Filing Out Loud
    Estimated throughout the work. Particular care should be taken into account whether the dog filed with voice work on the trail or just vidoglasno, with what voice - in power and endurance - oblayva wild pig on the spot, whether during the pursuit often interrupted barking (which leads to lower estimates) or in general to submit work without voting. Best estimate that gets a dog, which reported the wild boar hunt with the most powerful and pipe.

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    If you have a photograph of your Hunting Dog(s), or maybe an article you would like to have submitted, email me and I will include it here on the site for you and you will also receive full creditability ...

    Hunting Breeds and Lines . *
    - Blackmouth Cur
    - Yellow Blackmouth Cur
    - Ladner Blackmouth Curs
    - Catahoula Cur
    - Catahoula Leopard
    - Busher Cur
    - Robert Kemmer Cur
    - Carl Smith Cur
    - Mountain View Cur
    - Mountain Cur
    - Original Mountain Cur
    - Stephens Cur
    - Treeing Cur
    - Coyote Decoy Cur
    - Blue Lacy
    - Red Lacy
    - Tri Lacy
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Plott Hound
    - Star Montian Plott
    - Redbone Coon Hound
    - Black & Tan Coon Hound
    - English Coon Hound
    - Bluetick Coon Hound
    - Plott Coon Hound
    - Walker Coon Hound
    - July Hound
    - Beagle
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Mountain Feist
    - Treeing Feist
    - Mixed Feist
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Bull Dogs
    - American Bull Dog
    - Old Bull Dog
    - Dogo
    - Pit
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    Predator Decoy Dogs ...

    - Predator Hunting With Dogs
    - Coyote Decoy Dogs

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Kishu Ken 
    - Kishu
    - Kishu Ken Pig Dog
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Teckel
    - Dachsbracke
    - Deutsch Drahthaar
    - Griffon
    - Pudelpointer
    - Stichelhaar
    - Deutsch-Kurzhaar
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - Stag hound
    - Lurcher
    - Whippet

    List your favorite Breed
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    Hog Doggers ...

    - Hog Dogs
    Hog Strike Dog
    Hog Catch Dog
    Hog Bay Dog
    Dog Hoggers

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Tracking With Dogs ...

    - Teckel
    - Dachshund
    - Jagdterrier
    - German Hunting Terrier
    - Bavarian Hound
    - Other

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The Hunted ...

    - Ratting
    - Rabbiting
    - Raccoon
    - Beaver
    - Bear
    - Bobcat
    - Coyote
    - Cougar
    - Fox
    - Groundhog
    - Sage Rat
    - Jack Rabbit
    - Possum
    - Squirrel
    - Wild Boar
    - Swamp Rats
    - Nutria
    - Javelina
    - Feral Hogs
    - Peccary

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